Jiu Jitsu

The benefits of Jiu Jitsu and Alliance Official

The efficency has already been proven. With success through vairous martial art challenges with a range of disciplines in the 1950’s until the creation of MMA in the 1990’s. This gives the student certainty that he won’t have any problems defending himself in daily life. While training in the academy may not seem like a martial art that brings more than just confidence in defending yourself the academy has an atmosphere of companionship and fun that permeates through the discipline and respect our students learn with the Alliance teaching method. Alliance has more than 170 affiliates spread around the world and the most world titles of any team (11 x male, 9 x female) and different levels of classes so the student can learn all the fundamentals in the most ideal way possible. Beginners receive special attention with 20 classes specifically designed for this phase. After this period (60 classes) the level increases with access to the intermidiate classes and then soon after the advanced. By this stage the student will already have a wealth of jiu jitsu knowledge. We also have a competition team that trains daily at a specific competition training as well.

Alliance is an academy for everyone regardless of age or previous knowledge of jiu jitsu. Come be part of this family too!

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