Your child a black belt

If you are a parent, and you were curious about how your child could become a black belt, let me tell you something, it will not be easy.

However, it can be highly valuable and also one of the most important things you would give him.

In fact, you will give him the opportunity, the belt itself he will earn.

But the first step, it’s yours. (more…)

World Master 2020

The year 2020 still promises great emotions … continue reading


FROM DECEMBER 14TH TO 20TH  | Kissimmee, Florida, USA

The year 2020 still promises great emotions. The expectation is great for the North American border to open to receive the athletes we selected on Brazilian soil. We hoping the borders are reopened but if they remain closed, Alliance will be very well represented by the athletes residing in the United States or who will travel from other locations allowed by immigration.

Faixa Coral

Coral Belt

People have been asking me how I feel about getting the Coral Belt.

And trying to answer that question will be objective of this text.

First, as in all the stripes I gained as a Black Belt the realization that I am getting older is present. Since the stripes at this stage are based on time and not exactly on merit.

Although I am getting here at the earliest possible age it does not really matter much… (more…)

The technique that we practice and study today was evolved throughout history, starting in India, by Buddhist monks. For religious reasons and the obvious concern with non-violence, the monks developed a system of techniques based on balance, joint locks and leverage, avoiding the use of brute force. With the expansion of Buddhism, Jiu Jitsu migrated through Southeast Asia, China and finally arriving in Japan, where it was perfected and popularized. From the 19th century, some masters migrated to other continents in order to teach their art and to challenge practitioners that represented other martial arts.

Esai Maeda Koma (also known as Conde Koma), a celebrated Japanese instructor, arrived in Brazil in 1915 and settled in Belém

It was there that he met Gastão Gracie, who became a Jiu Jitsu enthusiast. Gastão took his eldest son, Carlos, to learn the techniques from Maeda. In 1925, Carlos founded the first Gracie academy, where he continued to perfect the art and spread his knowledge to his brothers. What brought notoriety to the family was the technical innovation and extreme efficiency in the use of levers which allowed practitioners to beat much stronger and heavier opponents. This evolution allowed them to continue improving and disseminating Jiu Jitsu, producing generations of great fighters.

Jiu Jitsu has now spread across the world, reaching numbers that were previously unimaginable. It continues to be refined and explored by thousands of practitioners.



There is a reason I wanted to give you this brief history of our sport, a reason that is extremely important at the moment: the importance of self-defense for Jiu Jitsu.


Risk versus Consequence

A while ago, I heard someone ask the following question, “What is the difference between Risk and Consequence?”

I must confess I had difficulty in responding, even though I’ve been living and working with Jiu Jitsu my whole life, dealing with adrenaline, defeat, victory, joy, sadness, anxiety, anger, confidence (or lack of it) — but I have never stopped to think about that question.

I like to practice stoicism on a daily basis which teaches us how to focus on things in our control, rather on those we can’t. Obviously, there are times when this is difficult, but considering everything in life is ‘training,” I practice hard and I can feel my evolution.

When we apply this concept to challenges, it becomes even more important.



Difficult times? Remember that old saying, “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

This is definitely a time to work on improving yourself.

A huge amount of people must be at home thinking they are on vacation from their daily tasks, doing nothing productive. Others will become depressed without social interaction, and some will come out of this crisis better than they were before.

Which group will you be in? (more…)