One of the best academies in the world, responsible for 12 world titles, 312 schools in 22 countries and more than 30,000 students, where we will teach a totally new kind of training.

If you’re passionate about

Jiu Jitsu just like I am, read until the end…

… I have an important message for you
that can turn your gym into a more lucrative business.

The best part?

You don’t have to be an authority in the sport, a multiple-champion or a business genius to do so.

Just use what I call the “Live off Jiu-Jitsu methodology”

My proposal is…

to help you create a formula for your gym, how to motivate your students, how to have a waiting list of students and to be a leader in the market. Even if you are still a new academy



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The big mistake of trying to create a Jiu-Jitsu academy

Most Jiu Jitsu gyms focus only on the tatami and the gym space, without considering other characteristics of the business.

They wait for the students to arrive, placing in them the limit of the potential existing in the business.

You need to design a sporting environment that the student wants to be in, creating results for both of you.

Understanding the service that you provide needs to go beyond giving and receiving. A bond must be created.

Organizing clear management strategies that will generate positive results affecting whoever is around you.

Everything that makes up the academy must be aligned.

You weren’t born a black belt and I’m sure you fought hard to earn it,

after all you must have invested at least 7 years to become one.

That’s the same as the business world.

I wasn’t born ready for the business world, but back then I realized that profit was a lot more complex than simply making X of revenue every month.

I understood that action had to be taken to make profit a certainty.

If you look at your student as someone that only pays the bills, you narrow down your business.

Your student is the potential that will expand the possibilities of what you can do within your business.

I fought hard to understand what I needed to do to have paying students.

But about 10 years ago I realized…

that just being a black belt wasn’t enough to fill my gym, charge a minimum of R$490 per month and have a waiting list.

I didn’t want to be just another gym, I wanted to be a leader in the market.


I had a clear objective in my mind.

Knowledge is the way.

I was already a black belt, but I understood that this was not enough if I wanted to own a business.

I realized that many of the lessons that made me a black belt in Jiu Jitsu could turn me into a black belt in business too.

I realized I needed to learn to own a business and went after it.

I have some ventures that bring me multi-digit returns every month.

And I want to show you how you can make your gym profitable.

Acquire new students, retain current ones and earn 6 digits a month.

I will show you how you can empower the businessman in you, how to value action, and generate constructive results for your business, just as I did in mine.

Make the different parts of your business function and work together, even if you’re not a businessman.


In this “Live off Jiu Jitsu” journey I will reveal to you step-by-step the ways you can do the same and have your gym packed with motivated students.

Trust me

There is a lot of work and discipline involved to achieve these things.

A business does not succeed with just the snap of a finger.

It is a daily construction of failures and successes.

But what I want to share with you through this work is to make your margin of error minimal.

Time is a result too. We earn time when we can use entrepreneurial intelligence to our advantage and get the results we want.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but there is a process for you to achieve success.

If you want, I will accompany you on this journey so that you have the discipline to become a businessman.

Why ALLIANCE does what it does

ALLIANCE was created in 1993, to unite our team in competition so it could gain more strength without creating internal competition with our students.

The effects of competition took away from the way we taught Jiu Jitsu, so we rescued and updated the teaching methodology.

And we created a method to teach Jiu Jitsu efficiently

Proof of this is that today Alliance SP has 500 paying and highly engaged active students.

We also have a waiting list.

And we need to say no to lots of students who would like to start training today.

We have standardized teaching in all schools all over the world, that produces not only athletes, but a higher quality of education making the student always want to come back to train.

Through this, you can create a sense of belonging.

This feeling makes students feel comfortable coming back and recommending friends to their gym.

My position within the group is simple, but with an extremely big challenge.

Do not abandon this method and let its effects disappear. We need to maintain the essence of Jacare’s academy from the 1980’s until today.

How does Live off Jiu Jitsu work

Live off Jiu Jitsu is made up of 30 classes divided into three parts:


Technical structure

I would like to talk about assembling the timetable, your team of teachers, the division of group levels etc…


Financial structure

Do you know how to set your price?
I show how you can use pricing techniques and payment methods.
I will show you the real costs incurred in your academy, and how much you can profit.


Digital marketing

I will teach you how to create a marketing plan from scratch that converts to student visits every week, even if you have never run any campaigns. I will show you the importance of having a website and how to position yourself in social networks. How to reach potential students in your area and bring them to your gym.

And much more…

Should you focus on cultivating new champions in your gym? The answer will shock you..

What really matters (and what doesn’t) when you open your Jiu Jitsu gym.

The 11 biggest mistakes people make when trying to convert visitors to your gym into students.

What you must not do, if you want to keep your student for many years.

How to manage competition from other academies.

How you can go from being just a teacher to a leading example in your city.

The truth about being a Jiu Jitsu businessman and not just a teacher.

The most important thing to do and/or avoid when it comes to retaining your student.

Why retaining your current student is better than trying to convert new students every day.

What insures most people when closing a new student.

The reason you can’t attract visitors to your gym (and what to do about it).

A secret way that allows you to convert visitors into students.

A simple technique for you to expand your revenue.

A way for you to change your mindset from being a teacher to a business owner.

Living from Jitsu

Masterclass – Day 1
Technical Structure

Masterclass – Day 2
Financial Structure


If you’re already a teacher

One of the most common situations is for talented athletes who want to become teachers, but this is still far from being able to live off Jiu Jitsu, because business goes beyond teaching, this is what you will learn in the course.

If you have your own gym

If you are a businessman and decide to have a Jiu Jitsu academy, knowing how to create different products for the gym, and how to control and evaluate the parameters of your business is just as important as the care you have for Jiu Jitsu.

If you’re a practitioner and want your own academy

If you’re an athlete or student, understanding how you should work with Jiu Jitsu will make you look at business from a different perspective and your path to living from Jiu Jitsu will be much easier.

See what previous students from Live off Jiu Jitsu are saying

Kyra Gracie

Bernardo Bedinelli

I have a clear mission…

Sharing with the Jiu-Jitsu community the management tools I learned over the 35 years I managed my academy, with the same energy that I dedicated myself to being 4 x world champion and leading my team to 12 world titles, I want to take this success to all Brazilian jiu-jitsu academies.

I have already invested many thousands of dollars to learn the best strategies

I want to share this with you also.

And what is best.

Without needing to look for more information.

Or to lose precious time studying marketing strategies that don’t work for the Jiu Jitsu market.

Or miss an opportunity because you don’t know how to convert a visitor into a student.

Have you had any visitors to your gym?

Do you know how to receive them?

Do you know how to use the right sales techniques?

Is your student still attending your classes? I have the best strategy to keep them motivated.

I’m sure you’ll never be looking at the door again to see if another new guest arrives. Because they will show up every week.

You’ll take care of your gym’s finances in the best possible way.

You will have control over every penny.

And you’ll know how to act when necessary.

Because I will tell you what I did and what I do to have this control in my hands.

Questions and Answers

When will I have access to the course?

Classes start on Monday the 26th

How long can I access the course content?

Classes are available once a day from Monday to Friday for 6 weeks, after which time you have an additional 60 calendar days to attend and review classes.

What is the exact duration of the course?

6 weeks. One class per day lasting on average 25 minutes.

Will there be individual assistance throughout the course?

No, as each student will dictate their own pace of learning, but we will be available by email to answer any questions the student may have.

Is the course for beginners or do you need a qualification?

The course is suitable for people of any level or qualification. Of course, people with some business and digital marketing experience will be more likely to understand the terminology used, but with the practical examples and supplemental content available anyone can apply what is being taught.

Can I apply the strategies in my own business?

Absolutely. My method is explained in detail, leaving no doubt about how to apply it. In addition, much of the content presented is easy and quick to apply. Usually students apply the knowledge learned on the same day they learn it.

Will I have access to Fabio Gurgel or his team for questions?

Absolutely, you’ll get to communicate with Fabio via class chat, email and 2 live webinars

Will there be online meetings to answer questions?

There will be 2 webinars (dates to be confirmed after registering). We will do one in the middle of the course and another at the end.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. If you are not happy, we are not. You are protected by an unconditional 30-day warranty.

Keep in mind that we only have 100 places for the class, and we want only the most committed people.

If you’re not sure this is for you, don’t sign-up.